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Moving into the new year, we thought we'd share our perception of the word 'healthy'. 

Let’s use an example, when human beings are healthy, we’re alive, bright, living matter. Unhealthy would be seen as ill, dying and limp. If you jump on a strict diet and don’t eat enough calories, or neglect key macro-nutrients, you feel weak and limp. Is this healthy? We don't think so... 

So when we think of healthy food, we think of bright, alive, fresh meals. Meals that have energy, zing. Unfortunately, the zing noticeably depreciates after food has been left out for too long. The same can be applied when meals have travelled long distances. As you have most likely experienced after consuming mass-produced salads or sandwiches.

Worse so, nutritional content is damaged when produce has been sprayed with chemical fertilisers and pesticides or fed GMOs. We know that pesticides protect produce from insects, allowing farmers to mass produce, passing on affordable prices to the consumer.

However, we don’t agree with daily consumption of meals that have been prepared with infected produce. Eating chemical ridden meals every now and then won’t kill you. But it's definitely not ideal. And eating them every day is certainly not healthy.

Truly healthy meals are freshly prepared with local, organic produce. These meals carry a different sort of nutritional content. Something science hasn’t quite measured yet. And so it’s not possible for us to measure exactly what you get from it. But it makes you feel good, and that’s something we all know.

In 2017 we will be working very hard to create a tool for health and well-being. We all live busy lives, however we believe eating correctly is something that should never slip. Without the right approach to health and well-being, the rest of your day will suffer. 

We are building a lifeline that will give you access to the best meals nature can provide, supporting your on-the-go lifestyle. 

Join us, as we build a tool for the change makers. Serving Bristol with fresh, organic meals. Delivered at the tap of a button.

We hope to see you soon,

The Pelico Team


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